Business Manager – St. Xavier Church

St Xavier Church, downtown Cincinnati, seeks a part-time Business Manager. As part of a dynamic parish staff, the primary function of the position is to oversee the financial resources of the parish. Some major responsibilities and regular activities include but are not limited to: accurately maintaining parish financial system, administering the salary, payroll, and benefits system, and budget management and purchasing. Major knowledge, skills, and abilities include: accounting principles, practices, and systems; computer skills (necessary to manage parish systems); and knowledge of issues regarding personnel laws and practices. Bachelors level business, accounting or finance, with some experience in a parish preferred. Must pass a background check and comply with the Archdiocesan child protection policy. Interested candidates should email a letter of interest, resume and references to Fr. Patrick Fairbanks, S.J. at [email protected]. The job description is posted on the parish website Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2019.

Principal – Sacred Heart Catholic

Sacred Heart Catholic, located in Jeffersonville, Indiana just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky, is seeking a principal, effective for the 2019-20 academic year.  Sacred Heart has an enrollment of approximately 200 students in grades K-8 with an additional 75 students in our 2yo, PS, and PK program. Our school is blessed to have exceptional teachers and support staff with strong support from the pastor, the parish, and the Jeffersonville community.  To learn more about Sacred Heart Catholic please visit:

An applicant must foster a strong Catholic identity, possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and have a passion for academic excellence and student achievement. Our next principal will assume responsibility for the administration of our school, including leadership for faculty, managing finances, marketing our school and communicating effectively with our parents, parish and wider community.

To be considered for this position, the applicant must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing and hold or be working toward a valid Indiana administrator’s license. “Safe and Sacred” Training and related background checks are required of all persons working with youth in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Candidates must complete the official online application by visiting this link:

For more information and/or to submit supporting documentation (i.e., resume, cover letter, references, etc.) contact Assistant Superintendent Mr. Rob Rash at 317-236-1544 or [email protected]


Catholic Parish Coordinator – Ft. Campbell, Kentucky – Immediate Opening

SOLDIERS CHAPEL – Sacred Heart Catholic Community, Fort Campbell, Kentucky

The Catholic Coordinator shall be present at each session to monitor and evaluate activities; setup all facility requirements for each session and secure facilities at the conclusion of each session. Program parameters: weekly sessions (30 sessions), each session is 45-60 minutes in duration, volunteer teacher/leader student ratio max (children 2 to 7; teens 2 to 10; adults 1 – 25) and each student must be enrolled (name, age, grade of student, health concerns and parents contact information).

 Coordinate Denomination Admin Support: Coordinate denominationally specific administrative support for Catholic Masses; Coordinate denominationally specific support for special events in the Catholic liturgical year such as Advent, Christmas, Lenten / Easter programs and holy days of obligation, etc. Coordinate the denominationally specific administrative support required for each event or activity; Coordinate and recommending readings, prayers and seasonal examination of conscience in accordance with liturgical norms for communal reconciliation services; Provide weekly “Prayers of the Faithful” and Parish Announcements for each Sunday and holiday Eucharistic celebration in accordance with Archdiocese of Military Service (AMS) directors and liturgical norms. Provide customer service as scheduled with Catholic Priest.

 Maintain Official Church Correspondence: The Catholic Coordinator is responsible for all correspondence to obtain sacramental records from the Archdiocese of Military Service. Further, the Catholic Coordinator will conduct all other official correspondence with the Roman Catholic Dioceses throughout the world to obtain certificates, affidavits of sponsorship, and other ecclesiastical documents and decrees. The Catholic Coordinator is also responsible to coordinate the certification of Special Ministers of the Eucharist between the Military Archdiocese and the parish. All this correspondence will be maintained in confidential Church files.

 Maintain Parish Registration and Census database: The Catholic Coordinator is responsible for the accurate registration of parishioners as soon as possible after they have arrived. The contractor produces a semi-annual consolidated census and will observe the privacy regulations in its collection and maintenance. The Catholic Coordinator accomplishes this registration by organizing and supervising on-going registration throughout the year and registration renewal at the August Parish Picnic.

 Prepare and Publish Weekly Catholic Bulletin: The Catholic Coordinator prepares and organizes the weekly bulletin for the Catholic Community. The Catholic Coordinator emails the weekly bulletin to all registered members of the Catholic Community prior to the weekend Catholic Masses. The Catholic Coordinator is the point of contact for all items or activities to be entered into the bulletin.

 Sacramental Screening Requirements: Coordinate and conduct denominational specific pre-nuptial investigation reports in accordance with Canon 1066; Coordinate and notify the pastor/chaplain as soon as possible of the results of the pre-nuptial investigation by means of an authentic document (Canon 1070); Coordinate and apply pre-nuptial dispensations for mixed religion (Canon 1124); disparity of cult (Canon 1125); and from Canonical form (Canon 1127); Coordinate and establish the free status of the parties to marry according to the norms of law (Canon 1114); Coordinate and assist the petitioner’s request for special case dispensations (i.e. Pauline Privilege [Canon 1148]; Petrine Privilege or Favor of the Faita [Canon 1149]; Simple Convalidation [Canon 1159]; Radical Sanation [Canon 1161, 1162]; Coordinate and notify the pastor(s) of the place(s) of the spouse’s place of baptism about the marriage as soon as possible after the marriage (Canon 1122); Coordinate and notify the place of baptism that confirmation was conferred (Canon 895); Coordinate and provide baptismal preparation classes for expectant parents in accordance with church canons. Assist parishioners in obtaining baptismal certificates either from civilian parishes or through the AMS. When mailing official documents to parishioners responsible for locating originating baptismal church; research to obtain complete mailing address. All correspondence will be maintained in confidential Church files.

 Coordinate Performance of Sacraments: Coordinate denominationally specific administrative support for Catholic Rites, Sacraments, and Ordinances; Conduct Parish-wide sacramental census; Coordinate parents meetings for sacramental preparation; Obtain and Maintain parish records for Catholic rites, sacraments, and ordinances; Coordinate the specific administrative support required for each event or activity; Coordinate and provide communion calls and visits to the sick; Operate a parish data system for tracking sacramental information and to coordinate with Archdiocese of Military Service (AMS); Coordinate and provide required RCIA, Pre Cana, parent and godparent baptism preparation certificate and records to PCS members as required.

 Coordinate Diocesan Regulations and Requirements: Coordinate the specific administrative support required for each event or activity; Coordinate and compile Archdiocese of Military Service (AMS) required pre-nuptial certificates and affidavits; Coordinate and record the marriage in the AMS marriage register by fully completing the AMS record form and submitting it along with the pre-nuptial investigation of both parties to the AMS Chancellor; Coordinate and submit fully filled out AMS Baptism, Profession of Faith, First Holy Communion and Confirmation record forms to the AMS Chancellor within a week of the celebration of the sacrament; Coordinate and submit names of qualified persons who have been chosen, thoroughly trained and endorsed by the priest chaplain to AMS for appointment by the Arch bishop as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (EME); Coordinate and provide sacramental marriage preparation classes that meet the specific requirements of the diocese in which the marriage will take place.

 Coordinate Ecclesiastical Parochial Norms and Requirements: Coordinate denominationally specific support for the Catholic Parish Program with Catholic Chaplain and Catholic Parish Advisory Council; Coordinate denominationally specific administrative support for parish activities; Coordinate denominationally specific administrative support for the Catholic Parish Program Budget; Coordinate the specific administrative support required for each event or activity; Maintain records of all Catholic Parish programs to include number of volunteer hours utilized and number of persons attending each event; Advertise and promote Catholic Parish program activities by use of chapel bulletins, the post bulletin, bulletin boards, flyers, the community newspaper, and any other appropriate media; Maintain a list of prayer groups and provide appropriate seasonal themes and meditations for each; Send appropriate Mass Cards to bereaved congregation members; Coordinate and provide lay liturgical training in accordance with church regulations; Use media to keep the parish informed about church liturgical celebrations, preparation and requirements as mandated by Archdiocese of Military Service (AMS) and local need; Provide Parish Council with an annual State of the Parish Report and forward copy to AMS.

 Meet with Catholic Chaplain: The Catholic Coordinator meets with the Catholic Chaplain weekly to review the delivery of the services and the program records and statistics. The Catholic Coordinator will keep the pastor apprised of concerns and issues which may need to be addressed. These meetings will be approximately 1 hour each. The Catholic Coordinator acts as intermediate person for those seeking aid from the pastor during times of need or crisis. The Catholic Coordinator aids the pastor by checking pastors’ availability for appointments with parishioners. The Catholic Coordinator will provide the pastor all necessary information regarding each appointment and meeting.

 Catholic Religious Education Program: The Catholic Coordinator shall develop a Religious Education plan for each component of the Catholic Religious Education program (i.e. Sunday school, RCIA, First Communion and Confirmation) and ensure the following tasks are fulfilled in support of implementing these programs:
 Advertise and market the program 4-6 weeks prior to the event
 Procure all material, curriculum and supplies per government funds
 Include the event in all required briefs and reports
 Establish and maintain student enrollment

 Procure Religious Education Curriculum and Supply Needs: The Catholic Coordinator shall follow chapel procedures in procuring curriculum and supplies needed for Religious Education. The sponsoring chaplain determines curriculum selection. The Catholic Coordinator shall get input and feedback from congregational members and DRE before giving recommendations to the Chaplain(s).

 Provide Parish Council Brief: The contractor organizes, publishes and provides a copy of the parish council agenda to the assistant responsible for reproduction and mailing. The contractor telephones or emails each member of the Council the week before the meeting to encourage attendance and attends the regularly scheduled and special session meetings of the council and executive committee. As soon as possible after these meetings, the contractor coordinates with the Parish Council secretary to produce minutes of these meetings and distribute these minutes in accordance with the constitution and by-laws of the council. As the RE Coordinator, the contractor shall also brief the results of past RE programs and events and highlight the projected upcoming contracted events. The Contractor is not a voting member of the parish council.

 Shall be qualified to meet the criteria of the Archdiocese of the Military Services (AMS), USA. Be certified as a Religious Education (RE) Catechist with the AMS, USA.
 Shall have experience in military chapel programs.
 Must have knowledge of computer software programs to include Microsoft Office, Work Excel and Power Point.
 Must will read, write and speak English fluently, clearly and with full comprehension.
 Shall communicate effectively with chaplains, volunteers, and government representatives in English verbally and in written format (i.e. advertising and marketing, instructions, invoices, etc.).
 Must work with multiple congregations & faith groups and represent each faith group in a positive manner.
 Must be familiar with Catholic doctrine and determine speaking and comprehension ability.
 Must have understanding and appreciation of the concept of “home schooling” so as to provide adequate guidance and training to parents who wish to pursue that method in educating their families in the faith.
 Shall be flexible in working with the everchanging requirements of the military chapel communities.

Send a letter of interest along with a resume or C-V to:

Ms. Robin Mack
Mack Global LLC
[email protected]

or call Ms. Mack at:

Community and church leaders prepare for ‘Wait No More’ event to help children in foster care

By David Cooley.

Focus on the Family in conjunction with local agencies and ministries, will be hosting free educational events on foster care, entitled “Wait No More,” later this year, Aug. 20–23, 2019, at four Kentucky locations. One of the locations will be in Northern Kentucky at Florence Baptist Church, Florence, on Aug. 20, at 6 p.m. Event planners are hoping to fill the exceptionally large church with hundreds and hundreds of people. The other three Kentucky events will take place in Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green.

The Wait No More events are designed to empower and educate people, encouraging families to consider fostering children, adopting children from foster care or supporting other families who do those two things. Architects of the program are making an appeal to the Christian community. They are hoping that churches all across Kentucky will spread the word about the event and invite their congregations to attend. In Kentucky there are more than 6,359 churches with families who can change the lives of these children forever.

Over the past 10 years there have been 39 Wait No More events conducted in 22 states, and over 4,000 families have been inspired to help the foster care system, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Right now there are more than 400,000 children and youth in foster care in the United States, 100,000 of whom are available for adoption and waiting for families to call their own.

In Kentucky alone there are over 9,800 children in the foster care system waiting for families. They are children who have often times been through traumatic experiences or cases of abuse or neglect. In some cases they are children of parents who are addicted to opioids, or, even worse, parents who died from an overdose.

Sometimes the children in foster care have been through all of that listed above and more. Ultimately, they are children who, for one reason or another, the state found necessary to move from a situation of danger to a place of safety. And so they wait. They wait in an overwhelmed system, and they wait for an undisclosed amount of time. They are young, ages varying from newborn to 17; they come in all shapes and sizes and from many different backgrounds. They didn’t ask to be foster children and they deserve families that will love, nurture, support, guide and advocate for them. But where will these families come from?

Focus on the Family, a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive by providing help and resources, believes that the families will come from Christian churches — the people who are living out the Gospel of Christ, those looking to take care of “the least of these.”

In preparation for the main event in August, representatives from the Diocese of Covington — Ron Bertsch, director of therapeutic foster care/adoption services, and Natalie Hemmer, recruiter, for Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home (DCCH Center for Children and Families); and Deacon Paul Yancey, All Saints Parish, Walton, and assistant to the director, Permanent Deacon Formation — joined other church, government and community leaders at the Kentucky Community Leader dinner Feb. 26 at Florence Baptist Church. There they heard, Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, speak about his personal story as a foster child and about the mission of Wait No More.

Mr. Daly said that after losing his parents at a young age he had many painful experiences but caught glimpses of grace throughout his journey, mostly through small acts of kindness from the people who entered his life by chance.

“The key thing I want to stress in all of this is that I know that side of the story,” Mr. Daly said. “I was that child (in foster care). We as a Christian community need to be involved. This is a place where we can step in, and we have for years … but we can do so much more; we should be doing so much more.”

Mr. Daly and his wife, Jean, became certified foster parents around 10 years ago and have taken care of over 15 children since that time.

“We’ve done it and we know the hardships of it. We, like you, are committed. It is about the children, helping them and finding them forever homes,” he said. “All we want to do is work with you and help you achieve what you can achieve here.”

Mr. Daly said that one of the biggest challenges working in Christian ministry is how to motivate people to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

“Our culture tells us to stick to our comfort and leisure, but that’s not what this life is about for us as Christians,” he said.

Mr. Bertsch is hoping that many in the Catholic community will attend the Wait No More event in August. He said that he fears that foster care, to many people, seems like an unimaginable sacrifice and not something anyone in their right mind would do.

“If the Church can’t offer families willing to make this sacrifice, I fear we are pretty hopeless. But I don’t believe that is the case,” said Mr. Bertsch. “There is hope and there are many within our diocese who are willing to shake off what the world tells them, and do what Christ wants and calls us to do. We are called to care for the orphaned, help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and give warmth to the cold and naked.”

Mr. Bertsch said that he doesn’t want children in Northern Kentucky to wait for a good family.

“We need more Christian families to answer the call now and make a difference in a child’s life now,” he said. “I loved what was said Tuesday night (at the Kentucky Community Leader dinner): whether someone can foster a child for a season or parent for a lifetime, they can make a difference. We need more families to care for these children.

“I encourage each parish and our entire Catholic diocese to support and be the ‘extended family’ for anyone who does feel the call to foster or adopt,” he said. “If we can take some of that fear away by letting them know their bishop, their pastor, their deacon and their fellow parishioners are all praying for them, that is important and very meaningful.”

Mr. Bertsch said that, along with praying for the foster and adoptive parents, there is so much more the people in the Catholic Church can do, aside from fostering and adopting children.

“Some might be called to be shorter term respite providers. Others are maybe called to help with the multiple children in a foster or adoptive home, who need transportation to school events, practice or games. Maybe others could offer to make a meal after a long tough day for a family that was out on medical or therapy appointments. Find ways to help with school homework that is taking a toll on a family,” he said.

Mr. Bertsch said that a good first step for people, no matter what God may be calling them to do, is to make plans to attend Wait No More and bring friends.

Focus on the Family will present a free “Wait No More” foster care event at Florence Baptist Church, Florence, Aug. 20, 6 p.m. Since food will be provided, those interested are asked to register at

Come and See
Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home (DCCH), Ft. Mitchell, informational meeting, March 14, Independence, Kenton Co. Public Library, 6:30 p.m.; and March 26, at DCCH, 6:30 p.m. DCCH staff are willing to meet with anyone individually, call 331–2040, ext. 8641. The next training program for foster parents will begin May 9. Each session is a 10-week training for three hours each night for a total of 30 hours pre-service training; this includes the Virtus, Protecting God’s Children class. Visit