Bishop Foys, cathedral to be featured segment in ‘The Chair’ series

Laura Keener, Editor.

On the 119th anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington, Jan. 27, crew members of the DeSales Media group began taping a documentary on the Cathedral and Bishop Roger Foys.

DeSales Media is the communications and technology arm of the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York. It is under the direction of Msgr. Kieran Harrington, vicar for Communications, and rector, Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, Brooklyn.

The Covington documentary is the 55th segment of an ever-growing series called “The Chair.” For two days the crew photographed and filmed the Cathedral — top to bottom, inside and out — capturing its art and architecture that recounts the story of salvation history and the theology of the Catholic faith and interviewed Stephen Enzweiler, cathedral historian. Msgr. Harrington conducted a one-hour, on-camera interview with Bishop Foys, which highlighted his family life, vocation story and joys and challenges of his episcopacy.

Among its other duties, DeSales Media runs a New York television station — NET TV. “The Chair,” which it is currently filming, is a series about cathedrals across the country and the local ordinary. Its stated objective is to highlight the diversity of the American Church, the diversity of American cathedrals and to tell the story of America’s bishops.
“It’s a way to evangelize by showing the beauty of our cathedrals,” said Msgr. Harrington.

DeSales Media anticipates that the Diocese of Covington segment will air sometime in the fall. When the schedule is be available it will be posted in the Messenger.