We are excited to announce that the Most Reverend Roger J. Foys has promulgated that a new Religious Education series — Sophia Institute for Teachers’ Spirit of Truth — will be implemented in all Parish and School (K-8) Religious Education programs beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.

What local educators are saying:

– “Sophia is a strong and rigorous program in terms of content, vocabulary, Scripture, and catechism.”
– “It develops the Christian Imagination.”
– “The videos are outstanding.”
– “The orthodoxy is there, solid in every way.”
– “It has what’s been missing from religious instruction for many years.”
– “The teachers are given catechesis to understand and present more effectively to students.”
– “The activities are unique, created specifically for each lesson—I would like to teach using it!”
– “The Teacher’s Guide is like a cookbook! The content is rigorous but the format is easy to follow!”
– “It presents the faith in a full, unabashed, simple, sleek and engaging style.”

Resources for Principals and Teachers:

Begin exploring now at: https://sophiainstituteforteachers.org/spiritoftruth We especially encourage you to check out their free online virtual workshops: https://sophiainstituteforteachers.org/virtualworkshops.

To order textbooks please contact Mr. Robert S. Kenney, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, at Sophia Institute for Teachers, at: Office – 603.641.9344, ext. 333; Direct – 603.521.7793; E-mail – [email protected]

For detailed information about pricing, call (859) 392-1592.

One of the reasons Spirit of Truth was chosen was because of its dynamic and passionate approach to professional development and teacher training!

– Mr. Robert S. Kenney, VP of Marketing and Sales, is our diocese’s primary point of contact with The Sophia Institute.
– The Sophia Institute for Teachers can offer custom textbook and transition training tailored to each parish and school.
– They are prepared to work with each parish and school during these uniquely challenging times.
– We will partner with the Sophia Institute to provide annual, daylong Faith Formation and Professional Development Workshops for our teachers and catechists.
– Every parish, school, teacher and catechist will have ready, direct access to a Sophia Support Specialist.

***To develop a training tailored specifically to you and your team, contact Mr. Kenney at: Office – 603.641.9344, ext. 333; Direct – 603.521.7793; E-mail – [email protected]