Catholic Parish Coordinator – Fort Campbell, KY

Provides services in support of military religious and worship activities. Provides support to the Religious Support Office (RSO), Chaplains, and Religious Affairs Specialists for Department of the Army (DA).

Must be qualified to meet the criteria of the Archdiocese of the Military Services (AMS), USA and be certified as a Religious Education (RE) Catechist with the AMS, USA and must possess previous experience.

Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate Denomination Admin Support: Contractor shall coordinate administrative support for catholic Masses and special events in the Catholic liturgical year.
  • Maintain Official Church Correspondence. Responsible for all correspondence to obtain sacramental records from the Archdiocese of Military Service.
  • Maintain Parish Registration and Census Database: Responsible for the accurate registration of parishioners as soon as possible after they have arrived.
  • Prepare and Publish Weekly Catholic Bulletin: Prepare and organize the weekly bulletin for the Catholic Community
  • Sacramental Screening Requirements: Coordinate and consolidate denominational specific pre-nuptial investigation reports in accordance with Canin 1066
  • Coordinate Performance of Sacraments: Coordinate denominationally specific administrative support for Catholic Rites, Sacraments, and Ordinances
  • Coordinate Diocesan Regulations and Requirements: Coordinate the specific administrative support required for each event or activity.
  • Coordinate denominationally specific support for the Catholic Parish Program with Catholic Chaplain and Catholic Parish Advisory Council.: Coordinate denominationally specific administrative support for parish activities.
  • Catholic Chaplain Coordination:  The contractor meets with the Catholic Chaplain weekly to review the delivery of the services and the program records and statistics
  • Catholic Religious Education Program: The contractor shall develop a Religious Education plan for each component of the Catholic Religious Education program (i.e. Sunday school, RCIA, First Communion, and Confirmation) and ensure each session is monitored
  • Procure Religious Education Curriculum and Supplies: The contractor shall follow chapel procedures in requesting curriculum and supplies required by the senior Catholic priest for Religious Education.
  • Provide Parish Council Brief: The contractor will organize, publish, and provide a copy of the parish council agenda to the assistant responsible for reproduction and mailing and act as a Re Coordinator during parish council.
  • Vacation Bible School Support: The contractor will assist the Director of Religious Education (DRE) with the work on the Vacation Bible School program each year. This will include curriculum management, preparation, and decoration of physical facilities, and oversight of volunteers)

Contact Yousra Rahmani, Operations Specialist at [email protected]