Summer Mission Collection to support urban schools/”Have it All – Choose Love” video

By Laura Keener.

The 2019 Summer Mission Collection will take place in parishes between July 6-7 and August 10-11 throughout the Diocese of Covington. Again this year, the summer mission collection will benefit the diocese’s mission territory —urban schools, known collectively as the Alliance for Catholic Urban Education (ACUE). Several volunteer speakers will be canvassing the diocese speaking at parishes in support of the collection.

Proceeds from the 2019 Summer Mission Collection are used for tuition assistance at the diocese’s six ACUE elementary schools — Holy Cross Elementary, Holy Family School, Prince of Peace Montessori and St. Augustine School, Covington; Holy Trinity School, Bellevue; and St. Anthony School, Taylor Mill.

This year, contributors to the Summer Mission Collection will have the satisfaction of knowing that their donations will help bring students to ACUE schools that last school year were the beneficiaries of grants that have bolstered curriculum in both math and the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Thanks to a grant from The Charles H. Dater Foundation, students in grades K-6 at five of the six ACUE schools now have a new math curriculum — Sadlier Math. Sadlier Math is a rigorous, comprehensive math program that challenges students and improves math comprehension and retention.

The new curriculum is both text and web-based. The web-based components rely on the new one-to-one, student-to-device status of the schools. All students at the six ACUE schools now have access to an electronic device for use in the classroom. “Technology such as this is so important to 21st-century learning, as noted by several individual donors to ACUE, particularly Al and Esther Kenkel who contributed hundreds of Chromebooks to the schools,” said Beth Ruehlmann, development director, ACUE.

In addition to funding the new math curriculum, the Dater Foundation also provided monies for miscellaneous math materials for student and classroom use.

“These consumables help students to grasp more fully and retain important math concepts,” said Ms. Ruehlmann.

Also last year, Holy Trinity School, Bellevue, piloted the “Choose Love Enrichment Program.” Pattie Dietz, retired educator from Miami University, and her husband, Tom, brought the program to Holy Trinity School.

Scarlett Lewis developed the Choose Love program. Her son, Jesse Lewis died in the Sandy Hook shooting. Since then she was inspired to develop a program that engages students in social and emotional learning. The Choose Love program brings awareness to the benefits of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion and encourages students to allow these traits to guide their thoughts and actions. A video clip of Holy Trinity students singing the “Have it All, Choose Love” theme song can be viewed below:

Mrs. Ruehlmann said, “Thank you,” to donors for their support of ACUE and the Summer Mission Collection.

“Through their continued support, our ACUE schools are far more financially stable. The schools are improving academically and our urban parishes have been able to reduce their financial participation in the operation of the schools,” she said. “Our donors have helped our schools and our parishes through their critical support of the ACUE mission.”

For more information on the 2019 Summer Mission Collection effort, contact the diocesan Office of Stewardship and Mission Services at (859) 392-1500 or by e-mail at [email protected]