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Q&A: Indulgences in the Year of St. Joseph

Father Jordan Hainsey, Messenger Contributor. The “Year of St. Joseph” was proclaimed by Pope Francis on Dec. 8, 2020 and extends to December 8, 2021. It honors the 150th anniversary of Pope Blessed Pius IX’s proclamation of St. Joseph as the “Patron of the Universal Church” (“Quemadmodum Deus”). Special plenary indulgences have been granted “to perpetuate the […]

Tangible reminders: The relics of St. Joseph

Father Jordan Hainsey, Messenger Contributor Holy relics are the physical objects that have a direct association with the saints or with our Lord. First class relics are the body or fragments of the body of a saint, such as pieces of bone or flesh. Second class relics are something that a saint personally owned, such […]

Traveling Relic of Saint Joseph Parish Schedule

2021 Saint Edward (Harrison) March 13-14 St. Francis Xavier (Pendleton) March 20-21 St. Augustine (Augusta, Bracken) March 27-28 Saint James (Bracken) April 3-4 St. Rose of Lima (Mason) April 10-11 St. Charles Borromeo (Flemingsburg) April 17-18 St. Patrick (Mason) April 24-25 Holy Redeemer (Lewis) May 1-2 Sts. Peter and Paul (Campbell) May 8-9 St. Mary […]