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Catholic Schools Office

Diocese of Covington

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Our schools are Christ-centered communities dedicated to the faith formation, academic excellence and individual growth of our students, all rooted in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington has 38 Catholic schools, from preschools through high schools. We’re located where you need us, throughout Northern Kentucky. Come discover all the benefits that a Catholic school offers!

Letter from the Superintendent

To the parents of Holy Family School

Holy Family Letter Aug. 23Holy Family School

Holy Family School is a K-8 Catholic elementary school in the Diocese of Covington.

It is one of six elementary schools that make up the Alliance for Catholic Urban Education (ACUE).

Current contracted staff: 1 principal/teacher and 2 teachers.

Current enrollment: 42 students.

Holy Family School began as a parish school, St. Benedict School, and has operated in its current building at 338 E. 16th Street, Covington, since 1922.

In 1988, Bishop Howard and St. Benedict schools in Covington merged to form Holy Family School.

Safety Tipline, Online Prevention

Safety Tipline, Online Prevention - STOP(866) 393-6659

Sad or scared? Call the S.T.O.P! Tipline to report bullying, physical or sexual abuse, if someone threatens to bring a gun to school, a student in a living situation where there are illegal drugs or addiction, concern about a possible suicide, or anything else you’ve seen or heard that’s bothering you. And you only have to leave your name and number if you want to.

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Jesus Christ

Christ-centered: at school, and at home

By Kendra McGuire. Another summer has come and gone and we find ourselves quickly settling back into the school year routines. As we begin this new school year, our school communities share similar hopes and expectations. Our faculty, staff, parents, and students all long for a successful year with great growth in learning. We hope […]


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Your child’s first experience with a school sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. Discover the many benefits of the Diocese of Covington Catholic Schools’ pre-kindergarten programs.


Elementary (K-8)


We value every child who walks into our elementary school classrooms. We celebrate each child’s individual contributions and strengths, and we teach everyone the kindness and respect of Jesus’ love. Explore the possibilities for your child’s elementary school experience within the Diocese of Covington.


High School

High School 2 SM

As your child grows, their sense of Catholic identity becomes even more important in shaping how they think about the world. The Diocese of Covington Catholic high schools promote lifelong learning and help your child realize their full potential — transforming their possibilities for the future.