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The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

A message from Bishop Foys

January 2020

My dear friends,

Praised be Jesus Christ! Each year at this time we present to the entire Diocese a financial report in our Diocesan newspaper, the Messenger. At the end of each fiscal year the finances of our Diocese are audited by an independent public accounting firm. Once again, the auditors have issued an unmodified opinion on the financial statements of our Diocese. This is the highest level of assurance attainable. Once the audit is complete, the financial statements are presented to our Diocesan Finance Council for their review. This review and the subsequent acceptance by our Diocesan Finance Council occurred in October 2019. Accordingly, I am pleased to present to all parishioners of our Diocese the financial statements of the Diocese of Covington as of 30 June 2019.

As we present this annual financial report, we thank God for the many good gifts He has bestowed on us all and I thank each of you for sharing those gifts of time, talent and treasure so that our mission of making known the Lord God can continue and thrive. Without the selfless giving of so many of our parishioners this would not be possible. In the end, everything we have comes from God. It is only fitting then that we return to Him through our generosity to others a share in His generous gifts to us.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our Diocesan Finance Council and to the staff of our Diocesan Finance Office. Their guidance, assistance, expertise and hard work ensures that we use the gifts entrusted to us to continue the mission of the Church, the mission that was entrusted to the Apostles by Christ Himself and which we strive to carry out each day.

As we begin a new year and a new decade I give thanks to God for each of you and assure you of my daily prayers. Please, pray for me and for our beloved Diocese of Covington.

Yours devotedly in the Lord,

Most Rev. Roger J. Foys, D.D.
Bishop of Covington

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Death notice

Bishop Roger Foys, the priests, deacons and members of the Diocese of Covington mourn the death, January 31, of Father Josiah Booth.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord; may perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

A Memorial Mass will be celebrated:

Saturday, February 15, 10 a.m., at  the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington.

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Letter from Bishop Foys to Covington Catholic High School families

11 February 2019

My dear Covington Catholic High School Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that my hope and expectation expressed in my letter to you of 25 January that the results of our inquiry into the events of 18 January at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. would “exonerate our students so that they can move forward with their lives” has been realized. Our inquiry, conducted by a third party firm that has no connection with Covington Catholic High School or the Diocese of Covington, has demonstrated that our students did not instigate the incident that occurred at the Lincoln Memorial.

In these past several weeks since the original video went viral two well-worn and oft-used adages have come to mind: Seeing is believing and Perception is reality. The immediate world-wide reaction to the initial video led almost everyone to believe that our students had initiated the incident and the perception of those few minutes of video became reality.

In truth, taking everything into account, our students were placed in a situation that was at once bizarre and even threatening. Their reaction to the situation was, given the circumstances, expected and one might even say laudatory. These students had come to Washington, D.C. to support life. They marched peacefully with hundreds of thousands of others – young and old and in-between – to further the cause of life. These young high school students could never have expected what they experienced on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while waiting for the busses to take them home. Their stance there was surely a pro-life stance. I commend them.

I thank our students and their parents for their patience while the inquiry we ordered was completed. The final investigative report is available at Once again I affirm my complete trust and confidence in our Principal of Covington Catholic, Mr. Robert Rowe. Under his guidance these past 11 years great strides have been made at CovCath in every area from curriculum to Catholic identity. He joins me in the sentiments expressed in this letter. I also affirm my confidence in our CovCath students. As for the future, we trust in God and in the spirit of CovCath, a spirit that will not die!

Yours devotedly in the Lord,
Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D.
Bishop of Covington

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