‘Community Baby Shower’ offers assistance to moms, families in need

Maura Baker, Staff Writer

Curia staff loaded a Catholic Charities truck full of diapers, baby clothes, blankets and other necessities for moms and babies, April 26. The truckload of supplies was delivered to the Life Learning Center in Covington for distribution to families in need. 

These supplies were gathered from members across the diocesan community, from both parishes and schools at the urging of the diocesan Pro-life Office. 

This “Community Baby Shower” was hosted by the Northern Kentucky Pregnancy Care Network, a network of non-profit agencies and ministries collaborating to improve the health and well-being of childbearing families in Northern Kentucky. Around 160 people registered to attend the event. But, Faye Roch, one of the collaborators for the shower and director for the diocese’s Pro-Life Office, estimates over 200 people in attendance. 

In addition to providing the physical necessities for infants, members of the Pregnancy Care Network also set up tables at the shower, where families could walk around and learn about the multitude of services provided by these agencies and ministries — such as St. Elizabeth Healthcare, the Rose Garden Home Mission, Catholic Charities and Care Net. 

“It was a huge success,” said Mrs. Roch about the shower, “I think probably bigger than anticipated.” 

While challenges were faced, they were also overcome — and the Pregnancy Care Network intends to meet again to streamline the process; and intend to hold more community showers in the future, looking towards other counties in Northern Kentucky to host them in.