What is an Aspirant?

An Aspirant is a man discerning the call of God to the diaconate who has completed the Inquirer phase,  and is ready to begin the next step of the formation process, which is called Aspirancy.  This stage usually lasts between 18 months and 2 years.  During this time, the aspirant attends 10 course offerings from the Diocesan Department of Catechesis and Formation to prepare for the diaconal formation program.

At present, the 10 courses required in the Aspirancy program are:

  1. Introduction to Catholic Spirituality
  2. Catechetical Process
  3. Theology of the Body
  4. Church History
  5. Church: Vision, Mission, Ministry
  6. Jesus (Christology)
  7. Vatican II
  8. Liturgy and Rites
  9. Old and New Testament
  10. Sacraments

After successfully completing the requirements of the Aspirancy stage, an aspirant desiring to continue the formation process completes a series of interviews and psychological testing designed to reinforce the mutual suitability of the aspirant and the diaconate.

Men successfully passing the interview and testing process are invited by the Bishop to enter the Deacon Formation Program of the diocese.