Curriculum Guidelines & Resources

The Department of Catholic Schools works to provide curriculum frameworks in the different subject areas for use in our diocesan schools. The frameworks provide a listing of the expected standards, resources one might use and any other helpful information. Revision of these curriculum frameworks is an ongoing process in education. Changes in technology, research, societal needs, etc. create the ongoing need for review and revision.  Committees of diocesan professionals are responsible for reviewing national standards, state standards, and standards from the nationally recognized governing body of that subject area to determine what best fits the needs of our schools while keeping in line with our faith and the high academic expectations we have for our teachers and students.

Religion Curriculum

Please refer to the Office of Catechesis & Formation for more information.

Math Curriculum

Language Arts Curriculum

Science Curriculum  – under review

Social Studies Curriculumunder review

Instructional Technology Curriculum Framework


Many questions have been asked about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and whether the Diocese of Covington is going to adopt these standards.  The simple answer is no; because we are a parochial school in the state of Kentucky, we are not held to the same restrictions or mandates the public schools currently have.  Unfortunately, many misconceptions of the standards and curriculum still remain.

Standards are simply descriptions of what a student should know at specific point in their education. For example, one such standard in our new draft of the math curriculum framework states that by the end of 2nd grade a student should be able to “Name the value of any digit in a three digit number (i.e. In the number 374, the 7 = 70).” A curriculum then refers to the how, when, and where that standard or concept is taught. Using our curriculum framework, a certified teacher responsible for that subject, along with the principal, then decides when a particular standard/concept is taught during the school year and what tools, books, apps, or papers she uses to teach that standard/concept.

For more information, please see our Curriculum Standards Resources page.  The page is there to help bridge the gaps in understanding how the Common Core State Standards came to be and what is included in those standards.