Schools in the Diocese of Covington are ready to help you with this important decision. Close to 9,600 students have chosen a faith-centered, “values”-packed education from Catholic schools in this diocese. Look closer and you’ll see why!

Our 28 elementary schools and 9 secondary schools are located in five counties. Call any one of them for more information or call the Department of Catholic Schools office at (859) 392-1500. We will be happy to help you with your selection of a fine Catholic school.

The Mission

The Mission is timeless. The Mission is also as new as the risen sun. “Go, teach all nations.” The faith and values are constant while the methods are innovative and directed toward the future.

Come, join the Mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Covington. Walk an exciting journey that leads each student to the wonders and mysteries of our world. Join us as we Touch the Future…Eternally.
Building Community

Visit any Catholic school in the Diocese of Covington and you are sure to notice the spirit of community formed by the students, teachers and administrators. What they all share are common goals and common values.
This spirit of community extends beyond the walls of the school. Each year, Catholic school students spend thousands of hours in service to others.

It is no wonder that Catholic schools prepare students for a faith-filled life distinguished by productive work and valuable contributions to their communities. In fact, many prominent community leaders in the Northern Kentucky-Greater Cincinnati area are graduates of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Covington.