The Standards

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Covington provide a challenging and innovative curriculum for students from preschool through high school. In addition to the core subjects of religion, science, math, language arts, social studies, computer applications and fine arts, schools offer programs for the gifted and challenged students. All of our schools strive to meet the needs of the individual student. Every school in the Diocese of Covington is certified by the Kentucky Board of Education.

Students in the elementary schools of the Diocese of Covington are administered the NWEA MAP Growth testing in grades K – 8.  MAP measures achievement and growth in math, reading, language usage, and science.  MAP provides teachers with accurate and actionable evidence to help target instruction for each student.

Our High Schools participate in the ACT District Choice program.  By participating in this program our students take the ACT during the spring of their Junior year.

The Statistics

*99% of all Catholic high school students GRADUATE

*Catholic high school graduates receive millions of dollars in SCHOLARSHIPS.

*79% of all eligible Catholic high school students QUALIFY for KEES (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship)

*Many Catholic school students receive NATIONAL MERIT recognition for academic excellence.

*Catholic school students consistently test in the UPPER PERCENTILES on achievement tests and college admissions exams.