New Employee Documentation and Payroll Requirement

The following Safe Environment documentation is necessary before a prospective employee is permitted to begin work for any parish, school, or agency:

  1. Create an account at;
  2. Complete the Employee/Volunteer Application and Acceptance Form agreeing to be bound by the Policies and Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct;
  3. Successfully pass the required background check;
  4. Attend a Protecting God’s Children for Adults training session.

The Payroll Office is not permitted to process salary payments until there is assurance that these requirements have been fulfilled and the VIRTUS account is active and in compliance.

Short Term Ministry

Verification of Good Standing: Short Term Services of Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Laity in the Diocese of Covington

Bishops, priests, and deacons from outside the Diocese of Covington, and all religious and lay persons from outside one’s own parish, institution, or organization must be screened before being invited to minister or speak. A screening application must be submitted to the Chancery for every individual event, even if the prospective speaker/minister has provided service in the diocese previously. More detailed information and screening application forms are available on the Chancery webpage, (select “Speaker/Minister Verification). Advertising for an event may not take place until good standing has been verified and clearance given to accept the services of the speaker/minister.

Background Checks

Criminal Background Check- All clergy, and employees ( including those contracted through a third party) must have a criminal background check through the Diocesan approved vendor (currently This is completed in the system. The cost for a standard background check is $50. *If an individual has lived outside of Kentucky, additional charges may be incurred, please contact the Office of Safe Environment if you have specific questions.

If a person does not wish to use a credit card, a  “token” may be purchased from the parish, school or agency and used online in place of the credit card.

All background checks are renewed every five years along with documentation and training renewal.

Please contact your local coordinator for further information.

Prevention Programs for School Children

In keeping with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, Diocesan school and Parish School of Religion (PSR) programs must offer the VIRTUS- Empowering God’s Children program (EGC).

  1. Two designated lessons shall be taught each year to students in all grades, Pre-K-11, grade 12 will have one video lesson.
  2. Lessons may be taught by teachers, counselors, catechists, or parents.
  3. All lesson plans shall be made available to these facilitators through their VIRTUS account and/or by flash drive.
  4. Parents must be notified of the intent to teach the EGC at least one week prior to the lesson.
  5. Parents may choose to allow their children to participate, teach them at home or opt out of the lessons.
  6. Resources shall be made available to parents by the school or parish facilitator.
  7. In addition, parents who opt their children out of training will receive lessons to facilitate at home if desired.
  8. Lesson 1 must be taught and reported in VIRTUS by December 1st of each school year.
  9. Lesson 2 must be taught and reported in VIRTUS by April 1st of each school year.
  10. Reports must be logged into the VIRTUS system and report forms must be turned in to the Safe Environment Office by the deadline.
  11. Training will be offered to EGC facilitators at least yearly to ensure that the lessons are being taught with fidelity to the program, and data is accurate.
  12. Those facilitating the EGC program must complete the certification module through VIRTUS.
  13. In addition, schools and PSR programs are encouraged to offer additional information on abuse and related topics such as Theology of the Body, internet safety, bullying, drug/alcohol issues, vaping etc.