VIRTUS for Presenters

Short Term Ministry

Verification of Good Standing: Short Term Services of Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Laity in the Diocese of Covington

Bishops, priests, and deacons from outside the Diocese of Covington, and all religious and lay persons from outside one’s own parish, institution, or organization must be screened before being invited to minister or speak. A screening application must be submitted to the Chancery for every individual event, even if the prospective speaker/minister has provided service in the diocese previously. More detailed information and screening application forms are available on the Chancery webpage, (select “Speaker/Minister Verification). Advertising for an event may not take place until good standing has been verified and clearance given to accept the services of the speaker/minister.

New Employee Documentation and Payroll Requirement

The following Safe Environment documentation is necessary before a prospective employee is permitted to begin work for any parish, school, or agency:

  1. Registered online at;
  2. Submitted a signed statement agreeing to be bound by the Policies and Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct;
  3. Successfully passed the required background check;
  4. Attended a Protecting God’s Children for Adults training session.

The Payroll Office is not permitted to process salary payments until there is assurance that these requirements have been fulfilled.

Background Checks

Diocesan policy requires a background check for all employees and volunteers.

These checks fall into two categories:

  1. Those done through the FBI (costing $39.25) for contracted school staff in positions requiring certification(i.e. teachers, administrators, librarians, counselors, etc.); and
  2. Those done through (costing $25) for other employees and for volunteers.

For contracted, certified school staff, including principals, teachers, counselors, etc., a background check is conducted through the FBI’s AFIS database. The school administrator and/or the local Virtus Coordinator will schedule this check for the individual.

ONLY contracted, certified school staff are eligible for the FBI check.

Background checks for all non-certified personnel are done on the individual’s VIRTUS account through a link to The cost is $25. If a person does not wish to use a credit card, a “token” may be purchased from the parish, school or agency and used online in place of the credit card.

After the initial background check, a Search America check is run 3 times per year. The background check is good for as long as the person remains active in VIRTUS.

VIRTUS – Empowering God’s Children

Parish School of Religion/CCD programs must offer the sexual abuse prevention program EVERY year using the lesson plans posted on this website.  The lesson plans are in keeping with the American Bishops “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People”.

If needed as a supplement, approved videos, books and resources may be borrowed from the Office of Catechesis and Formation.  Phone: 859-392-1500

Regardless of the program you use, please remember to
  1. Make sure parents know the dates of training.
  2. Keep on file the signed form for students whose parents decline training of child and send a copy to the Office of Catechesis and Formation.
  3. Keep names of absentees on file.
  4. Provide parents with program literature, especially if the child was not trained.
  5. If a child was trained in the public school during the current school term, have a certificate or a letter from the public school stating location, date, topic for each child that can verified with the public school.
  6. A child absent for the live training by professionals may be trained using the approved audiovisuals or the online lesson plans.

To reserve approved videos, books and resources contact the Diocesan Office of Catechesis and Formation, (859) 392-1500.

Click here for a list of approved videos and other resources.