Synthesis of the Synod on Synodality – Diocesan Phase

The Diocese of Covington is comprised of 14 counties in the northern and eastern part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, totaling 3,359 square miles it is a diverse landscape of urban, suburban, and rural areas. With a total population of 529,445 people, there are approximately 89,035 Catholics: a total of 48 parishes, 30 elementary schools, 9 high schools, and one Catholic university.

In terms of the process used for the Synod, to reach the maximum amount of people possible, it was decided that a diocesan team would be formed, and every parish, school, institution, and organization would be invited to send synod coordinators to be trained to hold listening sessions at the local level. Individual members of the diocese were also encouraged to have one-on-one sessions with family, friends, and neighbors. Despite our best efforts to include those on the margins and a wide range of age groups, this proved to be a difficult task and, as you will see in the demographics listed in the appendix, most participants were adults over the age of 50 of European descent.

To systematically address the two fundamental questions of the Synod and the ten underlying themes the Diocesan Synod Team developed the following questions as guidelines for the local process:

1. Who in the Catholic Church has walked with you on your faith journey? How?

2. How do the Mass, Church’s ministries and activities inspire you in your daily life?

3. What do you think is the role of a Catholic Church member? How does the Church support members in conducting their role?

4. In what ways does the Catholic Church listen to its members? Are there ways for people to be included and share their voices?

5. In what ways does the Catholic Church communicate with groups within our church, other faith communities, and our neighbors?

6. What is the Holy Spirit inviting us to do to grow as a holy Church?

  • There were 75 Listening Session Reports turned in (with 4,009 people participating)
  • A total of 331 people took the Online Survey
  • There were 19 One-On-One Listening Session Reports submitted
  • And 13 letters/emails to the bishop
  • Approx. total of people involved: 4,375