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Letters to the Editor

The Messenger welcomes Letters to the Editor, which may be mailed to:

1125 Madison Ave.,
Covington KY 41011-3115

The following policy of the Messenger Advisory Board shall be applied to all letters received:

  • Letters should address issues or news events, not individuals or personalities.
  • Letters can be edited for clarity and size (normally a 250-word limit).
  • Letters may be delayed or withheld at the discretion of the editor.
  • All letters must contain the name, address and telephone number (daytime) of the author. Letters must be signed. Only the author’s name and city of residence will be published in the newspaper.

Share your event or story idea

The Messenger welcomes submissions from Catholic parishes, schools and organizations within the Diocese of Covington.

Is your parish having a fish fry? Is there an upcoming school play? Did one of your teachers receive an award?

These types of public service announcements appear on our People and Events page.

To submit an announcement or event notice send an e-mail to [email protected]. Click here for our publication schedule.

The Messenger also welcomes photo submissions. Remember to send a description of what is happening in the picture along with the photo. Be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Always get the approval of your pastor or principal before sending a photo.
  • For printing in the Messenger a good quality picture is larger than 900 KB.
  • Our server will not accept any e-mail that contains over 5 MB of information.

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