Voluntary Insurance Summary of Benefits – 2022/2023

Voluntary Insurance & Flexible Spending Enrollment Form – 2022/2023

Dental Plans

Dental Care Plus

Dental Care Plus Brochure – 2022/2023

Dental Care Plus Total Vision Service Plan

Dental Care Plus Hearing Service Plan

Dental Care Plus Portal Instructions

HIPAA Privacy Notice

Insurance Plans

Group Term Life Insurance Rates – 2022-2023

Long Term Disability Insurance Rates – 2022-2023

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance Brochure

Universal Life Application

Accelerated Death Benefit Information for KY


Universal Life Premiums – Weekly ($4/$6/$8)

Universal Life Premiums – Weekly ($10/$12/$14)

Universal Life Premiums – Policy Value ($25k/$50k/$100k)

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance Program

Long Term Care Insurance Information

Long Term Care Insurance Brochure

Auto-Home Insurance

Auto-Home Insurance Discount Program

Request for Auto/Homeowners Quote

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Flexible Spending Accounts

Contact Information

Flexible Spending Enrollment Brochure

Flexible Spending Summary Plan Description

Flexible Spending – Carryover Provisions

Flexible Spending Claim Form

Identity Theft Protection & Legal Services

Legal Shield~ID Shield Brochure – 2022-2023

Legal Shield~ID Shield Application – 2022-2023

Banking and Credit Union Options

Republic Bank

Northern Kentucky Educators Credit Union

Cove Federal Credit Union

Cove Credit Union – K-12 Tuition Loan Brochure