Diocese of Covington welcomes pro-life initiative ‘Walking with Moms in Need,’ aiming to ‘walk in the shoes’ of vulnerable mothers and families

Maura Baker, Staff Writer

Parish representatives and pro-life allies of the Diocese of Covington gathered, Aug. 10, to discuss new and ongoing initiatives in the diocese to support mothers and families in a post-Dobbs community.

The Supreme Court decision on Dobbs, which overturned Roe v. Wade and delegated the decision of abortion to individual states and their representa- tives, was a major step in ensuring the sanctity of life from natural conception.

However, in the wake of this decision, Bishop Iffert recognizes the needs of mothers and families in need and hopes to continue to assist in ensuring the safety and stability of both mother and child with the new initiative, Walking with Moms in Need.

Established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Walking with Moms in Need is described as “an opportunity for a time of service in which Catholic parishes and communities ‘walk in the shoes’ of local pregnant and parenting women and families in need.”

The initiative aims to “see parishes come together to help mothers and families in their own parish community,”and it began with the August 10 meeting, where Faye Roch, director of Pro-life Office for the Diocese of Covington, invited the gathered members of the community to take part in proceeding with this initiative in their parish and local communities.

“You can use whatever gifts that you have within your parish to place at the service of this mission,” said Mrs. Roch, encouraging parishioners to work with their parishes and pro-life leaders to participate in helping mothers. “And you know, our parishes are just so full of so many gifts, we have people who have so many different gifts and talents.”

“Thank you all for being willing to consider what your parishes might do to be a part of (Walking with Moms and Need), and what your parishes might always be doing,” said Bishop Iffert, “we’re going to put our resources where our mouth is!”

Resources for Walking with Moms in Need can be found online at https://covdio.org/pro-life/ or at https://www.walkingwithmoms.com/.

Photo: Faye Roch, director, Pro-Life Office, addresses community members gathered, Aug. 10, for a meeting discussing new and ongoing pro-life initiatives in the Diocese of Covington.